Someday Life Will Be Fairer

It hits me harder on some days and today is one of them. I do not understand why the worst kinds of people get away with living a content life. While the kindest and most loving people get hurt and face the most difficult challenges. My heart hurts every time I think about your passing and I don’t seem to understand why. When both of my grandfathers’ and my aunt passed away it hurt but I understood that it was their time to go; they had lived their life and were older. When someone so young gets taken from their loved ones is something I cannot seem to get passed. I have faith and believe in God, but when something like that happens makes me question “Why did you let that happen?” I feel like the way you were taken out of this world was one of the most painful ways to go. Visiting your grave today brought me back to when you passed away almost a year ago. I’m upset because I don’t understand why and I’m trying to tell myself that God always has a plan..but I really can’t get myself to accept why it happened the way it did. I hope to just gain strength from this and pray that the world will someday be kinder, fairer, and less painful to be in. In the mean time, I’ll live a bit more like Justin by putting a smile on everyone’s face and save the world one bottle at a time. image

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